Writing Tips

One of the things that I love most about writing is that it involves dreaming and creating inner worlds. Find a place to write that helps  you to daydream. I like sitting on my bed, with views across the valley out the window. I had a serious office job for a long time and when I sit at a desk sometimes my beginning-story-thoughts won’t fly properly.

Make-believe you are the character you are writing and stand in their shoes – see the world as they see it, speak as they speak, think as they think.

Write the exciting bits. If you get stuck , skip to the next interesting scene and keep going. I sometimes fill in scenes later, and sometimes realise that I don’t need them after all.

Be a magpie – collect images and ideas and observations as you travel through life. Read a lot. Your mind is magic and will save these thoughts for you; they will pop into your mind as you write, often unexpectedly.

Writing involves some planning and plotting too. Think about the shape and pace of your story as you go about your business (I find that going on walks is brilliant for story-thinking). Let ideas marinade. Mull on story-questions before you go to sleep.

Everyone has a different writing process – keep a diary and note down how you work best. Try out new ideas and techniques. Remember that writing usually involves a lot of editing and rewriting.

Think about the ending: how have things changed from the beginning? How do you want your reader to feel when the finish your story? Tearful? Exhilarated? It’s often helpful to see the overall arc of your story (this applies to each scene too).

Have fun and encourage yourself, especially if you are a new writer. Trust your story.

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