Reviews and Quotes about The Night Sky

London Evening Standard – nominated one of the Best Books for Summer – top holiday reads

One of the winners for older children, ‘The Night Sky in My Head by Sarah Hammond … has a poignant hero, a boy whose learning disability has a flip side: he can see what happened in the past. His father is absent, he falls prey to sinister friends and gradually he is piecing together memories of a murder. It’s a compassionate story, gripping as well as worthy.’

Book Children’s Booksellers’ Choice

‘Sarah Hammond’s The Night Sky in my Head is another excellent book to emerge from the MA writing course at Bath Spa University. Mikey is an extraordinary creation and his ability to engage with the past is most convincing. The plot is gripping from the outset and maintains tension to the end. This is a terrific debut novel.’

Debut of the Month – Julia Eccleshare,

‘This is a stunning debut, perfect for fans of Skellig and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Mikey Baxter isn’t like other 14 year old boys. Since an accident he’s had a remarkable gift to go back in time and see things differently. Everyone else believes he’s damaged. Just may be he can find out the truth of his dad’s disappearance before the past starts to repeat itself. The Night Sky in My Head is a novel full of light and dark, magic and truth. It will stay with you long after you have read the last page.’

Booktrust – Book of the Month 

‘…Mikey’s unique voice adds a fascinating perspective to a compelling story making it easy to empathise with his confusion and his intense desire to find the truth, however painful….’

Extract from Young Adults’ Book Reviews

‘Told through the voice of Mikey himself, this beautifully written book will take you on a compelling journey about love, lies and learning from the past.’

Extract from review by Readaraptor

‘Wow, I saw the press release for this book liken it to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and I knew I had to read it. Curious Incident was one of my favourite books in my teens and I hoped that The Night Sky in my Head would hit the same spots as that one, and it did!’

Extract from review by A Dream of Books

The Night Sky in My Head is an unusual book and unlike anything else I’ve read.  The writing is intelligent and engaging…’

Extract from We Love This Book

The Night Sky in My Head is narrated by Mikey, and I felt he had a totally believable voice. The issues surrounding brain damage are fully explored but do not overwhelm the plot. A great book for KS3 and upwards, The Night Sky in My Head is a thrilling, moving read.’

Extract from Booked Up!

‘…really clever and fresh. There’s a huge mystery element mixed in. I loved watching Mikey uncover clues by experiencing the past. Sarah Hammond really kept me intrigued by revealing just a little bit of the past in each chapter…’

Extract from Chicken and Frog bookshop review

‘…the character of Mikey is almost magnetic in his attraction…his complete innocence is endearing. I felt myself sharing in his sense of panic, delighting in his moments of joy and daring to hope for the best possible outcome when all seemed so lost. All in all, a beautifully written story, which leaves the reader with an emotional attachment to the characters…’

Walsall Chronicle

‘… Sarah Hammond’s unusual teen read The Night Sky in my Head (Oxford University Press) has been compared with the Curious Incidence of the Dog in the Night-Time and it is certainly a promising debut by the writer from Lincolnshire.’

Steve Voake, author of several books for young people, including The Dreamwalker’s Child, The Web of Fire, The Starlight Conspiracy (Faber & Faber) and the Daisy Dawson series (Walker Books).

The Night Sky in my Head  is a story that grips you right from the start.  Original and compelling, this debut novel from Sarah Hammond draws you in and keeps you guessing as the mysterious tale of Mikey builds toward  its  startling denoument. A terrific read from a natural storyteller.’

Julia Green, author of Blue Moon, Baby Blue, Breathing Underwater and Drawing with Light, for teenage readers

‘This is a striking debut novel for teenagers: original and challenging. Mikey is such a memorable character he will go on living in your head long after you finish reading the story.
… Alongside all the darkness and worry and trouble in Mikey’s world, there are moments of such lyrical, quiet beauty they take your breath away…’

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