Reviews and Quotes about Mine!

Extract from ‘This book is a great addition to any bookcase, and especially for parents trying to demonstrate the benefits of sharing!

Extract from Lilinha Angel’s World: “…a hilarious true book about how little girls play. It explores the dynamic between two little girls learning to play together, and also learning that what is different about them can be good too.”

Extract from‘…a pretty picture book with a humorous story line which I personally think would be best suited to little girls of pre-school age…’

Extract from Yummy Mummy Flabby Tummy blog review‘We really enjoyed this book and thought it was a lovely story to explore friendships and how we all have different ways in which to use our imagination to play.’

Extract from Being Mrs C blog review :‘…an incredibly accurate book about how children play – initially alone and then together, learning to share…’

Extract from review ‘…as I read the story I was chuckling as it was very reminiscent of my sister and I as kids (me being the rowdy one, her the one with everything quietly in order….in fact things haven’t much changed!)…’

Extract from Bless Their Hearts Mom blog review ‘…an adorable book… The story is typical 4-6 yr old little girl, and parents will find themselves smiling as they read this book with their children.’

Extract from Diary of a First Child: ‘It’s lovely when you can talk about taking turns, sharing, the end of fun when you’re not able to share nicely, and then take turns being the ‘cafe lady’.’

St Peter in Eastgate Infant School
‘A lovely story that the children thoroughly enjoyed, thank you.’ Year 2 class teacher

‘The children loved the characters in the story.’ Reception class teacher

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